April 17, 2009: Gordon C. Webb speaks at the
Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center
in Painted Post, New York

The Legacy of Rod Serling
with Gordon Webb

Watson Homestead Conference
and Retreat Center Press Release

As perennial as the daffodils, luncheon lectures return to Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center.

Remember the television series The Twilight Zone -- which premiered 50 years ago? How about the 40-year-old movie The Planet of the Apes? Return to the “golden age of television” with retired Ithaca College TV/Radio professor Gordon Webb, who will relay his research about Serling - his themes, innovations, and challenges during the late 50s and 60s, turbulent times for American television. Broadcast media faced political, ethical and moral issues – and limitations created by sponsor control, censorship and the quest for audience ratings. Learn about the life and work of one of television’s most influential and best-known writers – someone with local connections -- his Syracuse birth, youth spent in Binghamton and years of teaching at Ithaca College . For more information about the presenter, go to www.webbonline.info.