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Rod Serling Memorial Foundation

Since the late 1980s, the non-profit Rod Serling Memorial Foundation has worked to preserve Rod’s legacy of writing and video, as well as his passion for truth and fairness. Before Twilight Zone made him immortal, Rod was a pioneer of television’s Golden Age with Emmy-winning scripts such as "Patterns" and "Requiem for a Heavyweight."

In and around Binghamton, New York, the Foundation maintains a public exhibit and various monuments to Rod and his work. They also sponsor a yearly Rod Serling scholarship for a Binghamton High School student.

The Foundation website www.rodserling.com offers over 200 topics on Rod Serling--including photos and links, news stories about him and Twilight Zone, raves from fans about how he touched their lives, and some of his own biographical writing.

For many more details, read our "Goals" web page at: http://www.rodserling.com/fdngoals.htm. If you use this write-up in a news story or a show program, change all you wish--but please include the website address... that is our main avenue for finding new members and fundraising.