Helen Foley's Final Anthony

Hello Rod Serling Memorial Foundation!

On March 20, 1979, I turned 16. The next day, I mentioned it to my Binghamton Central High School Public Speaking teacher at the beginning of the class.

And for some reason, at the end of class that morning—just before lunch—my teacher handed me a sealed envelope and asked me to deliver the handwritten note to my parents. She specifically said not to open the letter and deliver it directly. Of course, I did as instructed.

Just three months later my teacher retired from Binghamton Central High School where she worked for 64 years. And that woman was none other than THE Late Great Helen Foley!

Only a few years later when the Twilight Zone movie came out did I begin to make sense of her "Pay It Forward" idea in the note. At the time, I didn't realize the extensive fiction plots that Serlling had written about Helen & Anthony over the years with the continuing story line in the movie which was in the works in 1979 but debuted in 1983.

However, I do believe she felt a keen sense of responsibility to set my life right as I was her "Last Anthony" from her & Rod Serling's famous alma mater high school!

There has never been any resemblance to the fictional "monster" character in Rod Serling's "Anthony Freemont" plots or movie in my life. But in her own way, she new she wanted to separate fact from fiction and give me a head start and "A Good Life" ...which she did!

Here is that note word for word. It has been typeset and angled across the page the way she originally wrote the note along with the fold crease. The original is somewhat faded, since it is now 32 years old. I still have the original document on the BCHS Gold Stationery!

Helen Foley's Last Anthony - Rod Serling's Famous Teacher

And I think I've turned out all right. Today I am a 48 year old designer, marketer of my own business in Providence RI called Design Ideas Marketing ( My current and complete resume and education history linked there at the bottom of the home page!

Thank you for letting me share this with you!
Please pass it along as it is one of those Wonderful things that Helen Foley did for us all.
Please include it in you archives if you wish as well

Helen Foley was a wonderful teacher to me. I have such fond memories of her; she lives on in the memory of all of her students!

I thank God for Helen Foley in my life. It has made my life ... A Good Life!

Tony Ruspantini
Providence, Rhode Island