Rod Serling:
Man of the

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For the November 17, 1999 Points of View feature, the Binghamton Press & Star-Bulletin posed this Man on the Street question...

Who is the
in Broome County?


Carol Lasenburg Carol Lasenburg, Binghamton

"Rod Serling, because he inspired my son to write and use his imagination more fully. Once he read about Serling, he became interested in writing."

James McKan, Jr., Binghamton

"Rod Serling brought theater and arts to the forefront in Broome County and gave the area a mystic persona. This place still maintains his presence. This is the Twilight Zone."

James McKan, Jr.

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Remembering When
November 23, 1999
Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin

Gerald R. Smith, Broome County Historian:

"Well known writer and television host Rod Serling was not actually born in Binghamton, although he always considered this his hometown. He came to Binghamton when he was 2 years old and lived on the West Side of Binghamton. He graduated from Central High School. He worked at WINR radio for a while before leaving the area. Although he no longer lived here, the Binghamton region was used a backdrop for several of his Twilight Zone episodes."

Note from the Webmaster: Binghamton lies in the geographic area called the Southern Tier (of the Adirondak Mountains).