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Scenes from Twilight Zone Marathon V


Queen of the Nile
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Right: Joe Osheroff, Kelly Lloyd and Tina Marie Albright

All photos by
Rick Wong

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Cavender is Coming
Cavender is Coming

: l-r Joe Osheroff, Paul Byrne, Kelly Lloyd, Tina Marie Albright, Andy Jensen, Kelly Judd, Andrew Haines, Lisa May Simpson, James Venturini, Jeremy Paterson and Curtis Jacobson
Below: Curtis Jacobson and James Venturini
Below left: Kelly Judd and Jeremy Paterson

The Self-Improvement of
Salvadore Ross
The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross

A Stop at Willoughby
Stop at Willoughby


Call the Box office at 206/324-5801 for show information! 
Theater Schmeater is located at 1500 Summit Avenue (between Pike and Pine on Capitol Hill) in Seattle, Washington.

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