Red Cross
article: 1939

First example of Rod Serling's writing?

Junior Red Cross Makes World Better, Rodman Serling Says

150 Members of Broome County Chapter Hear Student — $10,590 to Date in Annual Membership Drive, Irving K. Peck Reports

"We aren't like some members of the older generation fighting their heads off in a fool war."

This is what Rodman Serling, West Junior High School student Junior Cross Council delegate to the annual meeting of Broome County Chapter, American Red Cross, told 150 chapter members to the Arlington hotel yesterday afternoon.

Basing his talk on "The Value of the Junior Red Cross to the World Today," the Youth said: "I for one say thank God for an or­ganization like the Junior Red Cross, which is instrumental in making the world a better place to live in. At least we retain some semblance of peace in our organization."

The Junior Council member outlined the history of the organization founded during the last World War and discussed its work promoting international friendship. He stressed "the tremend­ously important part" the youthful workers "play in promotion of world peace."

Ralph Carroll, discussing "The Red Cross—The Greatest Mother," emphasized the importance of the organization as a neutral one, car­rying out its greed. "all men are brothers," in terms of war and crises.

“The Red Cross is dedicated to the task of building up instead of tearing down," Mr. Carroll said.

Lawrence O. Waits, chapter chairman, presided at the business sessions, at which Irving K. Peck, roll call chairman, reported that a total of $10,590 had been received to date in the annual membership campaign.  This is $859 more than last year’s total.  Participating in the 1939 drive were 938 volunteer workers, Mr. Peck said.

Registered at the end of yesterday’s session were chairman, Mr. Waite; first vice chairman, Z. B. Phelps; second vice chairman, Benjamin Cohen; secretary, Mrs. Paul Fernald and treasurer, John D. Brunner, Jr., Fifty members...

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