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in Italy

Twilight Zone videos at a Conversational English class in Italy

The Twilight Zone teaches English as a second language!

Foundation member Elio Bassano lives in Torino (Turin), a city in Northern Italy near the French and Swiss borders.  "I am deeply flattered to learn that I am your first international member," he wrote to us when we told him about that honor.

He's so flattered that he's already recruiting more fans of Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone!

Elio takes a weekly class in Conversational English.  He told his classmates that he would bring in some Twilight Zone videos, beginning with episodes that would be easiest for students who are just starting to learn English.

Elio took a picture in class.  On the desk, you can see three Twilight Zone videos. In front of the desk (on the left), sits a fellow student.  Behind the desk sits the class' teacher.

Elio's Talky Tina Doll

Elio promises, "I will also bring in 'Living Doll' [his favorite episode], but not until later because Telly Savalas' accent is so difficult.  The first one I'm going to take is surely 'I Sing The Body Electric,' which I found quite easy to understand."

Elio, the Foundation is deeply flattered that you used The Twilight Zone to learn English. We are certain that Rod would be pleased, too!