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Rod Serling's Childhood Photo Album

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Young Rod Serling, in a circa 1932
studio photo. Source: Anne Goodman.

1931playmates.jpg (104883 bytes)
Rod on Bennett Avenue with unidentified playmates, 1931.
Photo: Carol Serling.

Winter on Binghamton's West Side, Circa 1936.
Photo: Eileen Haley

Esther Serling and her boys, late 1920s.

Rod and brother Robert on Bennett Avenue.
Circa summer 1934. Photo: Carol Serling

Binghamton Boy Scout Troop #36.  Row 1 (l to r): Irving Goldman,
Bernie Klionsky, Abe Ackerman, Allen Levy, Joseph Tannenhaus.
Row 2: Maurice Schwartz, Arnold Bilgore, Roddy Serling, 
Ellis Rubin, Julius Golden; Row 3: Bob Groh, Irving Berkowitz, 
Mr. Thompson, David Sunness, Sammy Lefkov, Ben Raphael, 
Israel Weiner.  Photo taken at the old Jewish Community Center 
on Front Street, Binghamton. 1938. Source: Carol Serling

gradeschool.jpg (58564 bytes)
baby.jpg (33185 bytes)

sodajoint.jpg (43458 bytes)
houseback.jpg (42535 bytes)

The Walking Distance soda joint?

The back of 67 Bennett Ave?

1931HEGS.jpg (108138 bytes)

Hamilton Elementary Grade School class, Binghamton, 1931.
Rod is at far right end of third row from bottom.

1939WJHS.jpg (108496 bytes)

Rod as president of his class at West Jr. High, September 1939.
Seated at Rod's left is former Broome County Executive 
Edwin L. Crawford, a classmate. Photo: Carol Serling

Jack Levine, Rod Serling, Dorothy Levine, and Richard Frankel
on Binghamton's west side. 1940. Source: Richard Frankel

1041.jpg (73045 bytes)

Binghamton Central High School Panorama Newspaper staff party.
Oct. 1941. Photo: Lloyd Hartman.

Binghamton Press Photo, date unknown.

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