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FILMFAX Twilight Zone issue Oct 1999 - Jan 2000

Cover painting by Harley Brown

Artist Harley Brown on his personal connection to Rod Serling:

"Rod Serling's name was forever imprinted in my head right after I was jolted by his tele-play "Patterns." It was broadcast live.

"This monumental program was so powerful that it was repeated, live again, a few weeks later. The acting was top drawer, so was the directing, but I needed to know the name of the writer. I was in my teen years then; had this been the only piece that Mr. Serling had written that would have been plenty to remember him for this half century.

"But he went on and wrote ground breaking scripts for TV and film, time after time. What brilliance could have been working within his mind? He didn't repeat himself and never, but never bored us. All I, and so many others, needed to see was his name.

"Along with a small select group of genuine originals, he personified great American drama. He made it mightily relevant and totally imaginative. He was bigger than life but still able to see the smallest nuances that helped guide his profound storytelling.

"People in all the arts have a special empathy to such an individual. When asked to paint him for Filmfax, I immediately recalled his influence in my youth. It was pure joy to bring him alive on the cover. As with all grand art, his writing will be with us forever."

The Twilight Zone
40th Anniversary Celebration

Four Twilight Zone Articles (including "Southern California Sorcerers" previewed here) about writers at the show's center and peripheries:
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes) Charles Beaumont
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes) Ray Bradbury
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes) Harlan Ellison
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes) George Clayton Johnson
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes) Richard Matheson
Green Ball.gif (257 bytes) Jerry Sohl
Including delightful candid photos!