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The DVD set is titled The Twilight Zone: Lost Treasures and features those two not-so-classic pieces from the 90s (Amy Irving in The Theater and Jack Palance in Where the Dead Are). But its real significance lies in the gorgeous DVD print of 1958's The Time Element.

U.S. customers can buy the DVD set at DVD.IT's English language website. You can view the shows with Italian dubbing or the original English sountrack with Italian subtitles. Surreal!

Please note that these are Region 2 /PAL DVDs (The U.S. is region 1 NTSC format), so you can't see them unless you have a region free / multistandard player—which is not so uncommon anyway. Region 2 / PAL is the same as the UK. If you can view DVDs from the UK, you can view these Italian DVDs.
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