Welcome to the Foundation's FIRST newsletter!

Through this online publication, we hope to keep members informed about what your Foundation is up to... as well as what's happening in the "Zone."  Since I'm a relatively new member of the Foundation (and its Board of Trustees)—I'm allowed to brag a bit... and what attracted me to this group in the first place was their intense dedication to the memory of this talented writer who called Binghamton "home."  Since the mid-1980's this organization has been working to honor Serling—one of the most talented and prolific writers in American television.

Beginning with this issue, we'll highlight the continuing interest in Rod Serling and his work—from the press... on bookshelves... DVDs and on the internet.  And, as always, we answer to our members—and look forward to comments on this newsletter and how we can make it better.

NEWSLETTER - March  2009

Carol Serling Collaborates

 Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone:
The Fiftieth Anniversary Tribute

by Douglas Brode and Carol Serling


Syracuse University professor and pop culture writer Brodie uses Carol Serling's words to "frame" each chapter, in which he analyzes some 80 episodes.


TONY ALBARELLA (member of the Foundation's Board of Trustees):       

"It is not designed to be strictly a biography, an episode guide, a collection of trivia, a photo book, or a reference tomethese niches have already been filled. Rather, it is a critical study that seeks to define The Twilight Zone’s lasting cultural appeal; a fiftieth birthday present to a series that is ageless, and a most appropriate Golden Anniversary homage to the show and its creator... "

 SAN ANTONIO CURRENT:       "The early feedback on "Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone" has been overwhelmingly positive. Writer-producer Earl Hamner Jr. called it 'A timely commentary on TV’s first truly great filmed weekly dramatic series The Twilight Zone, a show that has clearly passed the test of time and speaks again to each new generation of devoted fans...' "

STAMProdstampAt long last, release of a  ROD SERLING POSTAGE STAMP has been announced by the U. S. Postal Service.  It didn't turn out exactly the way we wanted it (see our submitted designleft)  but it's nice to know all the Foundation's letters & petitions helped bring this to reality.  On the sheet of 20 different stamps, Serlingthe only writer includedwill share the spotlight with other TV greats such as Alfred Hitchcock, Burns & Allen and "The Honeymooners."  You can read Foundation board member Steve Schlich's EDITORIAL here.
Many "Twilight Zone" scripts were undoubtedly written in ITHACA, the Serling family cottage on Cayuga Lake... and the TWZ creator often taught at Ithaca College between 1967and 1975.  I-C will host their third Rod Serling conference: "Celebrating 50 Years of 'The Twilight Zone'" on October 2-3.  A scriptwriting competition will also be included and all conference details may be found on their website:
videofestFans in BINGHAMTON, N.Y.Rod Serling's real hometownare planning "Twilight Zone @50." The event, scheduled for October 1-4 may include: a reinactment of Serling's 1968 commencement address at Binghamton High School... live screenings at the Recreation Park carousel... a live "Twilight Zone" marathon... walking/trolley tours of area Serling sites... etc.  Programming is subject to change, but planners of the Ithaca College conference intend to include some of the Binghamton events in their schedule.


 Tony Albarella has just completed Volume Six of "AS TIMELESS AS INFINITY: The Complete Twilight Zone Scripts of Rod Serling" (published February 28, 2009 by Gauntlet Press).  Tony also wrote the cover article on Del Reisman for the latest issue of Filmfax Magazine.

 Retired Ithaca College professor Gordon Webb just can't stop teaching.  He has a luncheon lecture on Rod Serling April 21 at "Watson Homestead Conference & Retreat Center" (Painted Post, N.Y.) and will present a two-evening course on Serling's work at the University of North Carolina/Wilmington in May.

RSMF member and home improvement columnist Ron Wolfe explains how you can find The Twilight Zone in your own home!