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     Board member and Serling lecturer Gordon Webb is fond of "The Zone" -- but always tries to emphasize that there's far more to Rod Serling's creative work.  In a recent prostudio1gram for "The Plato Society" at the University of North Carolina/Wilmington  his  multi-media presentation included production stills... script examples and lots of video clips from TV's "Golden Age."  "The participants were mostly 'boomers' -- so I sprinkled in clips from Serling's serious work during the 1950's."
    Gordon taught TV production and scriptwriting on the faculty at Ithaca College for 17 years, and has lectured on Serling's work at the College's London Center.
     Speaking of "The Golden Age" -- some of Serling's early scripts are being featured on recently-released DVD's -- including some previously unavailable work.  For an excellent commentary on Serling's Studio One dramas -- check out Jamie F. Rich's article on the RSMF website.



hestonfirbiddenThanks to the combined efforts of volunteers from The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation and Ithaca College, a rare example of Rod Serling’s live television work has been recovered and preserved for future generations.
     In December, 2009 Tony Albarella happened upon the auction sale of a rare
film print of Playhouse 90’s “Forbidden Area” -- starring Charleton Heston.  Since the acquisition and preservation of Serling-related media is a key goal of our organization, members of the RSMF Board quickly agreed that despite the inherent limitations of the film’s format, we would pursue the sale.   The RSMF entered the bidding and won the sale.
     But 16-millimeter film is, for all intents and purposes, obsolete in this age of digital media so the Foundation pursued a way of  making their new purchase "viewable."  Fortunately, RSMF member Gordon Webb, a recently-retired Assistant Professor of Radio & Television at Ithaca College, had maintained contacts at the School's cinema department -- and arrangements were made to use their facilities to repair and digitize the film.  The original copy was returned to the RSMF archive once copies of it were donated to Ithaca College's Rod Serling Archive.  You can read Tony's full story on The Discovery and Preservation of a Serling Rarity on the RSMF website.



ROBERT SERLING (1918-2010)

     Robert J. Serling passed away on May 6, 2010 at the age of 92 -- with his wife and children by his side.
     Bob grew up in Binghamton, New York with his brother Rod, and -- like his younger sibling is best known as a writer. bob_serlingHis creative work consisted mostly of aviation-themed books -- fiction and non-fiction -- and like his brother, he received numerous awards -- including: Seven awards for Aviation News Reporting from Trans-World Airlines from 1958-65, the 1960 Strebig-Dobben Memorial Award, as well as special citations from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation in 1963, the Flight Safety Foundation and the Airline Pilots Association in 1970. His 1967 thriller THE PRESIDENT’S PLANE IS MISSING spent thirty weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and spawned a 1973 made-for-TV movie. Bob also provided technical advice and dialogue for some of his brother’s teleplays, including Studio One’s “The Arena” and The Twilight Zone’s “The Odyssey of Flight 33.”
     You can visit the RSMF website for Robert Serling's complete obituary and a listing of his literary credits.

      The AS TIMELESS AS INFINITY series offers a unique and definitive look at Rod Serling’s landmark teleplays for The Twilight Zone.  The most recent volume features ten scripts, including: "Mr. Denson on Doomsday," "Night of the Meek," "Dust," and "The Whole Truth" (with both alternate and shooting script conclusions, plus an alternate original script excerpt).
     For each volume of the ATAI series, editor Tony Albarella has assembled unique material -- such as examples of Serling's personal correspondence... vintage communications from CBS... rare production photos and more.  Introductions for this volume are written by Alan Brennert -- writer for The New Twilight Zone and the revival of The Outer Limits, and Earl Holliman, the actor who appeared in the first episode of The Twilight Zone.
new DOCUMENTARY explores life of "twz" writer charles beaumont

beaumont     Charles Beaumont lived several lives during his tragically brief 38 years, and in one of them he wrote Twilight Zone episodes. Steve Schlich reviews the San Francisco premiere of Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone's Magic Man, a film by Jason V. Brock. His friends are magic too: Ray Bradbury, William Shatner, Harlan Ellison and many more tell stories about the man who touched them so vividly.

     Who is this -- tiptoeing around in a CBS television studio?  (Three guesses!)
     If you like mysteries... you'll love Tony Albarella's new series on our website: Beyond the Zone.  You'll learn some things you never knew about our organization's namesake -- guaranteed!


At a recent meeting of the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation, some of the organization's activities were formalized -- with approval of the following positions: Tony Albarella: ARCHIVIST... Gordon Webb: MEMBERSHIP COORDINATOR. Tony is a prolific writer in his own right, with numerous published articles on Rod Serling and his work... and Gordon also serves as NEWSLETTER EDITOR.  Stephen Schlich continues his awesome work as WEBMASTER.  RSMF Officers include: Andy Polak: PRESIDENT... Eileen Haley, VICE-PRESIDENT... Jennifer O'Hare: SECRETARY... Carolyn Price: TREASURER.  CLICK HERE to see a listing of others who keep this organization active and vibrant (including a membership listing).