National Public Radio enters the Twilight Zone

National Public RadioNPR interviews Twilight Zone Companion author Mark Scott Zicree twice!

  • October 2, 1999: Weekend Edition Saturday, October 2, 1999 · Scott speaks with Marc Zicree, author of The Twilight Zone Companion, about the sensibility and significance of the landmark television series, which made its debut 40 years ago this weekend. The program, which ran from 1959-64, was created and hosted by Rod Serling, and has been in syndication ever since.
  • September 16, 2002: Morning Edition, September 16, 2002 · Submitted for your approval: From 1959-64, Rod Serling used The Twilight Zone's eerie stories as a way to scare television audiences -- and get them to think about the social issues of the day. On Morning Edition, NPR's Lynn Neary enters the Zone in the latest segment of the Present at the Creation series.

NPR's website has lots of interesting interviews and features.