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I wonder what the dog's name was...

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Looks like 1936...

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School newspaper staff?\

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The Walking Distance soda joint?

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The back of 67 Bennett Avenue


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Army buddy Vernon Hartung: We were sent to Ft. Niagara. We went down to the main post that night and went to the movie, and in that movie they had paratroopers, and they had shiny boots and jump jackets and Rod said, "Say, look at that." And I said "Rod, you'd never make it, you're too small." He parked on the Colonel's doorstep and said he wouldn't move unless he was accepted as a paratrooper.

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From Famous Writers School book insert ad

Serling and Manulis

With PH90 producer Martin Manulis

In the 1997 PBS special Submitted for Your Approval, Martin Manulis talked about Requiem for a Heavyweight: "Even this many years later, I feel everything that I felt then about the night of the performance of Requiem for a Heavyweight. We sat in the control room and for ninety minutes, it just held. The excitement was unbelievable. Rod Serling's work was so electric to begin with, and it just was a triumph.

"I was about to run out to the floor when they called me back. Mr. Paley was on the phone. It was the first time we'd heard from him after a show.

"And he said, 'Tell everyone, especially Rod Serling, that tonight we put Television about ten years ahead.'"

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1965, post-Twilight Zone

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Paddy Chaefsky, Rod's peer in 50s TV

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With fellow writer Reginald Rose


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"Someplace between apathy and anarchy is the stance of the thinking human being. He does embrace a cause, he does take a position, and can't allow it to become business as usual. Humanity is our business."

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"I have a lot of things I want to make comment about. Firstly, prejudice, which I feel is the most innate evil in our society. Ultimately, all evils grow from it. But you just can’t deal with meaningful social issues on television."

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The news story that prompted Rod to write A Town Has Turned to Dust.

"By the time 'A Town Has Turned to Dust' went before the cameras, my script had turned to dust. Emmitt Till became a romantic Mexican. The setting was moved to the Southwest of the 1870s. The phrase 'twenty men in hoods' became 'twenty men in homemade masks.' They chopped it up like a roomful of butchers at work on a steer."


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Posing with his 3 emmys

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New ways to not write...

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Hollywood perks: the white convertible

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Hollywood perks: the black convertible

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Charles Beaumont

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Story Editing

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Richard Matheson

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Ross Martin and ...

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Daughter Jodi

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Daughter Anne

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