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Publicity Shots

Earl Holliman, producer William Self and Rod Serling
"Where is Everybody?" 10/2/59

Gig Young
"Walking Distance" 10/30/59


Burgess Meredith
"Time Enough At Last"  11/20/59

A Passage for Trumpet\

Jack Klugman and Mary Webster
"A Passage for Trumpet" 5/20/60

The After Hours

Anne Francis, James Milhollin and doppelganger
"The After Hours" 6/10/60

The Mighty Casey

Robert Sorrells and Jack Warden
"The Mighty Casey" 6/17/60

King Nine Will Not Return

Robert Cummings
"King Nine Will Not Return" 9/30/60

Robert Cummings
"King Nine Will Not Return" 6/22/61 (repeat)
Regional TV Guide photo courtesy of Tony Albarella

Night Of The Meek

Art Carney
"Night Of The Meek" 12/23/60

The Invaders

Agnes Morehead
"The Invaders" 1/27/61

The Mirror

Peter Falk
"The Mirror" 10/21/61

Stanley Adams, Buster Keaton, James Flavin
"Once Upon A Time" 12/15/61

The New Exhibit

Bob Mitchell, Milton Parsons, David Bond and Rod Serling,
"The New Exhibit" 4/4/63

In Praise Of Pip

Billy Mumy
"In Praise Of Pip" 9/27/63

Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

William Shatner and friend
"Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" 10/11/63

Suzy Parker, in a TV Guide article about
"Number 12 Looks Just Like You" 1/10/64

The Masks

Virginia Gregg, Milton Selzer, Alan Sues and Brooke Hayward
"The Masks" 3/20/64

The Brain Center at Whipple's

Former Binghamtonian Richard Deacon
"The Brain Center at Whipple's" 5/15/64

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