Coming: A Definitive Book about Rod Serling

Amy E. Boyle Johnston's book will not be a biography in the classic sense; it doesn't track Rod's private life except where those events relate directly to his writing ...such as his WWII experiences, which arguably shaped much of his career.

And it won't be anything like the two tabloid hack jobs that came out during the nineties. This book is about Rod's work and words.

An example: in one of her presentations at the conference, Boyle Johnston addressed the popular myth that Rod retreated into Twilight Zone's fantasy in order to escape the censorship that he faced while writing for live TV.

The truth is that he had read fantasy since childhood and began writing it during the forties. Twilight Zone did indeed represent an opportunity to get past censorship, but it was mostly because Rod was The Boss.

This is a basic principle which remains true today: if you want things done your way, put yourself in charge.

The good news: every time that I heard Amy describe her work, I got more excited. This book is going to be one hell of a read and I can't wait.

The bad news: I *will* have to wait, until early 2009. We will post any news of note about the book here on the web site home page, so keep coming back to look!

Steve Schlich, webmaster