Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee
c/o Stamp Management
U.S. Postal Service
475 L'Enfant Plaza, SW
Room 4474EB
Washington, DC 20260-6756

Dear People,

Why is there no U.S. postage stamp honoring Rod Serling? He deserves one.

In 1999, the U.S. Postal Service honored so many cultural icons from the 20th Century, yet issued nothing commemorating the writer who redefined fantasy: Rod Serling.

"Television's last angry man" set standards that many of today's writers will never meet. From "Requiem for a Heavyweight" and "Patterns" through "The Twilight Zone" and "Night Gallery" to "Seven Days in May" and "Planet of the Apes," Rod Serling's stories taught a generation to question society's tired conventions.

"The Twilight Zone" won repeated awards and bridged America's journey from the paranoid Fifties to the psychedelic Sixties. You're probably recalling the show's eerie theme music right now.

How's THAT for cultural clout?

Please consider issuing a Rod Serling postage stamp.

Thank you for your consideration.