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Hi All.
I've been meaning to pass along a quick internet exchange I had earlier this year with the television writer/critic from the New York Daily News, David Bianculli. He often mentions the "old" TV writers in his column and, when he began listing his email address, I dropped him the note below. I thought you might be interest in it and his reply, which follows:


Dear Mr. Bianculli,

I'd like to take this opportunity to comment on your column from Thursday, April 26, and to mention my enjoyment of your writing in general. Yesterday's observations on the impact of live TV were welcome and on-target. In my opinion live television had a spontaneity and an excitement that has long been absent in this modern era of lowered expectations and hackneyed knock-offs. It's rare to find a television reviewer or commentator willing to focus on the roots of modern TV, and able to draw such insightful parallels between the past and present of the medium.

Although I am only 32 years of age, I am a great admirer of the "Golden Age of Television." I'm also a member of the board of directors of the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation. In addition to the "Playhouse 90" episodes listed yesterday, you have in the past made mention of the pioneers of television, Serling in particular. I'd like to thank you on behalf of myself and the RSMF.

It's nice to know that someone is willing to "carry the torch" for the old masters of dramatic writing. If not for the acknowledgment from writers such as yourself, modern audiences would have little knowledge of the contributions from Serling, Paddy Chayefsky, Reginald Rose and the like. And Serling would be known only as the pop culture icon from his pinnacle creation, "The Twilight Zone." Indeed, not a bad legacy, but he did so much more for TV as a writer and social commentator than just host TZ. As always I look forward to your column. Please keep up the most excellent work, and thank you for your time.

Tony Albarella


Dear Tony:

When the Daily News asked us to start posting our e-mails at the bottom of our columns, I was skeptical as to whether it was a good move. All it took was your wonderful note, though, to make it worthwhile. Thanks a lot, and a commendation right back at you for keeping the Serling legacy alive.




Do YOU have a Rod Serling Close Encounter story, or an Appreciation?