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Twilight Zone Archives
Artwork copyright Stewart Stanyard
courtesy The Twilight Zone Archives

This surprisingly vast corner of cyberspace could easily be named The Twilight Zone Authority for all the informative detail that it contains.

Artist Stewart Stanyard, devilish in the self-portrait to the right, is the curator of this tribute to a legendary TV show and its legendary creator. He proudly admits a lifelong admiration of Rod Serling.

It shows in the disparate elements he's united in his "TZA" web site...

  • A hypermap tour of Binghamton
  • Insightful interviews with childhood friend Robert Keller, teacher Helen Foley, and others
  • Original CBS production photos from the original Twilight Zone
  • Promotion stills from The New Twilight Zone series
  • Promotion stills from Twilight Zone: the Movie
  • Autographs and correspondence from tons of Twilight Zone actors
  • Extensive links to Twilight Zone & Rod Serling sites
  • An interview with James Earl Jones, star of The Man (a Serling script) and narrator of Twilight Zone, the Lost Episodes

Another area offers tantalizing photos of Serling artifacts such Rod's Paratrooper jacket from his WWII tour of duty, his one and only briefcase (monogrammed!),  awards and plaques, a Twilight Zone pinball machine, TV props, special edition books, even a Barbie doll made over as Talky Tina!

What the heck, click anywhere! Stewart is a serious collector, and he's always adding new stuff. He took excellent digital pictures of Foundation memorabilia, which appear here and on his own site as well.

If you admire Rod Serling or his work, click over to The Twilight Zone Archives right now. It's an obvious labor of love.