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This is a site map (to eventually be) organized by theme / areas of interest.
It's actually more a reference library than a press kit.
The point: you'll see a list of every page with its contents defined.




Rod Serling's 1968 Binghamton High Commencement speech
030194school.htm Rod Serling School of Fine Arts, Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, March 1, 1994
092799weblinks.htm Binghamton Newspaper lists Rod Serling Web Links
1199wdigest.htm Writer's Digest 11/99 names Rod Serling to top 100 writers of 20th century
1950s.htm Rod Serling writing pictures from the 1950s
1991trib.doc 1991 Tribute: TV Guide’s 2000th issue
2000_months folder: 2000 calendar
2001_months folder: 2001 calendar
2009-10-01_binghamton01.htm Plans for Binghamton's Oct. 1-4 2009 "The Twilight Zone @ 50… A Celebration of Rod Serling"
2009-04-01_RSday.htm RSMF President writes about his 2009 Rod Serling Day Experience at a Binghamton school.
2009-04-21_gwebb.htm Press release: April 17, 2009: Gordon C. Webb speaks at the Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center in Painted Post, New York
2009_stamp.htm USPS press release re: the 20-stamp block Early TV Memories
2HWeights.htm Sean Connery in Requiem for a Heavyweight
2views.htm Live Twilight Zone performance sparks critical debate
3p.htm RSMF 3-paragraph write-up
50th_review_2009.htm Tony Albarella's review of Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone: The 50th Anniversary Tribute by Douglas Brode and Carol Serling
5thdimension.htm Review: The Fifth Dimension - Twilight Zone website
(Site is now defunct)
about.htm Join the Rod Serling Foundation (top of old page)
adopt-a-belt.htm Adopt-A-Belt ... 3 plans for preserving dictabelts recorded by Rod Serling

Teaching in the Twilight Zone by Chad Cain

amastersfilm.htm Filming Rod Serling's American Masters segment in Binghamton
amastersPBS.htm Original PBS web page for RS AM show

Rod Serling 1959 - Angry Young Man Too Busy
By JAMES HEAVEY, Binghamton Sunday Press, August 15, 1959

applebees.htm Rod Serling photo display in Binghamton, NY Applebee's

Architecture from the Twilight Zone
An Unguided Tour of Binghamton's Grand Old Buildings

art.htm Artwork featuring Rod Serling

Rod Serling 1959 - Angry Young Man Too Busy
Other mass media have the same faults but escape criticism
By Rod Serling
This article, tenth in TV Guide's "Television As I See It" series, appeared June 18, 1960


As Timeless As Infinity: The Twilight Zone Scripts of Rod Serling by Rod Serling and Tony Albarella

Making the Timeless Timely
Tony Albarella will edit and write commentary for a series of books containing all of Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone scripts.

ATAI_review_2004.htm Review: As Timeless As Infinity
auction.htm Rod Serling benefit celebrity auction, 1987
auctionitems.htm Rod Serling memorabilia - Objects offered at online auctions
...all photos were lost
awards.htm Rod Serling's writing awards and honors
awardWGA2001.htm Rod Serling 2001 WGA award
"...And, in an unprecedented development worthy of a "Twilight Zone" episode, the late Rod Serling shared the award for best children's script, winning for Showtime's "A Storm in Summer," while Paris Qualles won for Disney's "The Color of Friendship." Serling, who died in 1975, originally wrote the script for a 1970 Hallmark Hall of Fame program; the 2000 version was based on that script plus additional material from earlier drafts."
backglass.htm Backglass artwork for the Twilight Zone pinball machine
BCbook.htm Rod Serling's foreword to "B.C. Strikes Back" by Johnny Hart
binghamton.htm Michael Schuman on travelling to Binghamton (Michael A. Schuman is a free-lance writer based in Keene, N.H. / Copyright Union-Tribune Publishing Co.)
binghistory.htm Historic Binghamton photo album - Sam Serling's market opened at 161 Washington Street in 1927.
bingobit.htm Rod Serling - Binghamton obituary1975 - By Mike Doll, Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, June 30, 1975
bingstar88.htm Rod Serling's Binghamton Walk of Fame Star - 1988 newspaper article
bingstar91.htm Rod Serling's Binghamton Walk of Fame Star - 1991 newspaper article
bphoenix1FR.htm Boston Phoenix recalls Twilight Zone I
bphoenix2FR.htm Boston Phoenix recalls Twilight Zone II
brevelleint.htm Rod Serling's final interview - by Linda Brevelle
bshospital.htm Binghamton State Hospital article, 2000
bttc050164.htm Rod Serling rips TV censorship in 1964
cal2001rs.htm Rod Serling Calendar for 2000 - access page
cal2001tz.htm Twilight Zone Calendar for 2000 - access page
carouselbccoc.htm "Walking Distance" Carousel in Binghamton, NY Recreation Park
cayugalake.htm Rod Serling family photo album - Cayuga Lake
ccain2004.htm Chad Cain: Teaching in the Twilight Zone
ce1.htm Rod Serling - Stephen Schlich ... webmaster's connection to Rod Serling
childhood.htm Rod Serling' childhood pictures
CincyPost.htm Rod Serling appreciation in the Cincinnati Post, February 1999, By Barry M. Horstman, Post staff reporter
cohen-rsmuseum.htm Rod Serling museum - Elizabeth Cohen (Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin — Sunday, August 14, 2005)
comix.htm Rod Serling References in Comic Strips
Commentary1957OldMac.htm Serling on Serling: Old MacDonald had a Curve -- commentary from the Bantam Paperback Patterns by Rod Serling, 1957 -- never scanned in.
Commentary1957Patterns.htm Serling on Serling: Patterns -- commentary from the Bantam Paperback Patterns by Rod Serling, 1957.
Commentary1957Requiem.htm Serling on Serling: Requiem for a Heavyweight -- commentary from the Bantam Paperback Patterns by Rod Serling, 1957 -- never scanned in.
Commentary1957TheRack.htm Serling on Serling: The rack-- commentary from the Bantam Paperback Patterns by Rod Serling, 1957 -- never scanned in.
CraigSerlingFR.htm Craig Serling battles Hollywood -- Cousin Craig Serling's Bosnia Documentary @ nyfilmvideo.com -- AMERICAN HEROES: In Bosnia (1990s) Craig Serling-Writer/Director/Editor
csorcerers.htm Southern California Sorcerers -- The Creators of Twilight Zone, Logan's Run, and Dozens More Fantasy Classics Remember the West Coast Writers' Group -- 1999 by Christopher Conlon
damnyou.htm Charlton Heston shouts Rod Serling's classic twist ending to Planet of the Apes: "You maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!"
davepitt.htm Writing advice that Rod mailed to a fan in 1971.
default.htm Home page.
donate.htm Donate to the Rod Serling Foundation by credit card (ClickBank)

ROD SERLING: Congress remains in the Twilight Zone ... David Rossie column -- July 31, 2000 / Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin

drossieBWOF.htm Make Room for More Stars (Binghamtonm Walk of Fame)
David Rossie column -- Date Unknown, circa 1990 / Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin
Dwight_Deskins.htm Rod Serling & Dwight Deskins: Postmark this from 'Twilight Zone' fan
by Byron Crawford -- article in Louisville, Kentucky Courier-Journal October 30, 2002
EarlHamner.htm Earl Hamner, The Forgotten Twilight Zone Writer
article by Tony Albarella from FILMFAX magazine, December 2000 - January 2001
editorial0001-tonyalbarella_11-04-08.htm Editorial about Barack Obama's election to President of the United States
editorial0002-steveschlich_01-20-09.htm Editorial about the USPS issue of the stamp block "Early TV Memories" -- which honors 20 Golden Age TV shows, including Twilight Zone.
editorial0003-lauriekelley_03-07-09.htm Editorial about the USPS issue of the stamp block "Early TV Memories" -- which honors 20 Golden Age TV shows, including Twilight Zone.
eshow.htm E! to make Serling Documentary
article, 1999 Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin
eventspast.htm Rod Serling Foundation Past Events in Binghamton
familyalbum.htm Rod Serling family photo album
FAQ.htm Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
FDNcontacts.htm Contact the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation
FDNgoals.htm Goals of the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation
FDNjoinmain.htm Join the Rod Serling Foundation
FDNmembers.htm Rod Serling Memorial Foundation members
FDNwhoweare.htm Rod Serling Memorial Foundation mission & history
felicity012300.htm "Felicity" does the Twilight Zone - 2001
ffaxtzissue.htm Film Fax 's Rod Serling issue Oct. 1999 - Jan. 2000
ffbuttons.htm Rod Serling Film Festival buttons
ffest.htm Rod Serling Film Festival #1 preparations
ffest2.htm 2nd Annual Rod Serling Film Festival (1987)
filmography.htm Rod Serling's Filmography
forum.htm Rod Serling - Binghamton exhibit: Day of a Playwright Permanent exhibit at the Forum Theater Binghamton, New York, USA
forum_rename.htm Editorial: Rod Serling deserves recognition December 8, 1985 / Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin -- Serling Deserves a Theater by David Rossie
forum_renovate.htm Rod Serling: Day of a Playwright exhibit in Binghamton, NY renovated
forumopens.htm Forum Theater "Day of a Playuwright" Open November 1985 Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin -- November, 1985
freeman89.htm Rod Serling postage stamp article by Don Freeman
fws.htm Rod Serling Famous Writers School book insert ad
gallery.htm Rod Serling's Photo Gallery [a main page]
gravesiteFR.htm Rod Serling's Interlaken Gravesite
grjohnson.htm G. Robert Johnson's recollections of Rod Serling
hamburger.htm Burgers with Rod Serling
happy_serling_day.htm Steve Trimm's poem about Christmas, a.k.a. Rod Serling's birthday
helenfoley.htm Rod Serling's mentor and friend Helen Foley
hwofstar.htm Rod Serling's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
...October 1988

"Passionate Investor in Television" by Brian Deagon -- Rod Serling in Investor's Business Daily, Feb 2001

inventory.htm RSMF inventory as of September 1993
ithacadebate.htm A debate in the Ithaca Journal over that community's commitment to preserving Rod Serling's legacy, and to remembering its own film making past
JMautophoto.htm Rod Serling remembers Jeanne Marshall
JMmp68editorial.htm Rod Serling at Moorpark College in 1968 ... He rips into loyalty oaths
JMmp68letter.htm Rod Serling at Moorpark College in 1968
Newspaper Editor Speaks on Serling Matter
a letter to the editor from Jeanne Marshall
JMmp68speech.htm Rod Serling at Moorpark College in 1968
Editorial from the December 4, 1968 QUEST campus magazine
JMpoetry.htm Jeanne Marshall's poetry - reviewed by Rod Serling
JMremembers.htm Jeanne Marshall remembers Rod Serling
JMseminar.htm Rod Serling teaches writing to Jeanne Marshall (1962-63 seminar in Yellow Springs, Ohio)
JMseminarnotes.htm Rod Serling Teaches Writing
Jeanne Marshall's Seminar Notes, 1962-63
joinbycredit.htm Join the Foundation using a credit card
joinbypaypal.htm Join the Foundation using PayPal
joinbysmail.htm Join the Foundation using a check and snail mail
joinmain.htm Main "sales page" for joining. (Hmmm, not much here...)
KoenigTZstage.htm Chekov in the Twilight Zone
That's Pavel Chekov staging TZ Episodes in a Hollywood Theater
latimes1.htm Sunday, October 3, 1999: L.A. Times writer Pamela Warrick honors Rod Serling on the 40th anniversary of TZ's premiere
latimes2.htm Sunday, October 3, 1999: L.A. Times writer Joel Greenburg honors Rod Serling on the 40th anniversary of TZ's premiere
latimes3.htm Sunday, October 3, 1999: L.A. Times writer Pamela Warrick writes more about Rod Serling
legacy.htm Preliminary page... The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation, founded in 1985, sponsors projects honoring Rod Serling's legacy:
letter032064.htm Rod Serling comments on fame in a March 20, 1964 fuel
links.htm Rod Serling Web Links - in the table of contents on the upper left of most pagess
ljay.htm "ROD SERLING On the Way To Fame" by Linda Jay Brandt - artcle by daughter of a Serling colleague.
Loner_eps.html List of all 26 episodes of "The Loner"
lonerithaca.htm Ithaca College radio revival of Rod Serling's 'The Loner'
lotto1999OR.htm 1999 Lotto tickets with Twilight Zone theme
mediapage.htm Links to Books, Video, Art, and Audio about Rod Serling
memento010184.htm "Rod Serling memento back from Twilight Zone" - news article about a section of door molding from the old Binghamton Central High School on which Rod Serling is believed to have painted his name shortly before he was graduated in 1943
memorabilia.htm Rod Serling memorabilia such as a lighter, a BHS ledtter in track, pen set, and so on.
meschilling.htm Mary Ellen Schilling's Rod Serling memory (nursing in a hospital)
moorpark1968.htm Rod Serling rips loyalty oaths in a 1968 speech
msloan.htm "The Many Fathers of Martin Sloan" answer accusations that TZ episode "Walking Distance" was plagiarism. The conclusion: no. A good and informative read.
MTR2001.htm Museum of TV & Radio Rod Serling Exhibit ... 2/8-4/12 2002
mwallace.htm Mike Wallace roasts Rod Serling in a September 1959 interview.
mysterypix.htm Rod Serling mystery photos - just one left.
newsprint.htm News & Print: this major hub in the website lists contemporary and past articles by and about Rod Serling.
Novak2000.htm Ithaca Journal story about 2000 Twilight Zone Outdoor Film Festival
npr091602.htm 2002 article: NPR "Present at the Creation" segment about Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone
NYT030489.htm New York Times 1989 Binghamton Travelogue
NYT031298.htm New York Times 1998 article on Rod's skill as a TV series pitchman
NYTforbidden.htm New York Times 1956 Jack Gould review of "Forbidden Area"
NYTpatterns.htm New York Times 1955 Jack Gould review of "Patterns"
NYTpatterns2.htm New York Times 1955 Jack Gould review of "Patterns" historic repeat performance
NYTpresence.htm New York Times 1960 Jack Gould review of "In the Presence of Mine Enemies"
NYTrequiem.htm New York Times 1956 Jack Gould review of "Requiem for a Heavyweight"
NYTtelement.htm New York Times 1958 Jack Gould review of "The Time Element"
NYTtowndust.htm New York Times 1958 Jack Gould review of "A Town Has Turned to Dust"
panorama.htm Panorama newspaper, from Binghamton High School 1942 (Rod's graduation year)
PatternsReview.htm 2001 review of "Patterns," staged in Dallas area, by Jerome Weeks, Theater Critic of the Dallas Morning News
pbs-tv.htm Screen Grabs from PBS American Masters 1998 "Submitted for Your Approval"
PBSpreview.htm Gene Gray column announcing "Submitted for your Approval" PBS special
peabody041757.htm Binghamton Press April 1, 1957 story: 1957 Peabody Awards (Requiem)
petestz.htm "The After Hours" story from Pete's Twilight Zone web site (now gone)
petition.htm 3 ways to petition the USPS for a Rod Serling stamp
pota.htm Gordon Webb's definitive Creative Screenwriting article on Planet of the Apes: Rod Serling's contributions to the script.
POTAconnections.htm RSMF member Spencer Lloyd writes about the not-so-obvious connections bgetween Rod Serling and Planet of the Apes.

Planet of the Apes Hits 30: And She's None the Worse for Wear by Dave Liljengren of Pandemonium Online

POTAMcAlisterFR.htm 30 years ago remembrance: Rod Serling's Planet of the Apes - Nancy McAlister of Florida Times-Union
potarr.htm The Apes of Wrath - The radical political history of Planet of the Apes - By Alex Abramovich
Published in Slate magazine: http://slate.msn.com/id/112241/ - Posted Friday, July 20, 2001

For the November 17, 1999 Points of View feature, the Binghamton Press & Star-Bulletin posed this Man on the Street question... Who is the PERSON of the MILLENIUM in Broome County?

PPBintro.htm Extensive autobiographical introduction to the paperback book Patterns, by Rod Serling, 1957

1996 TV Movie Review: In the Presence of Mine Enemies "In the Presence (Still) of Rod Serling" by Shelly Lyons of ultimatetv.com

publicfigure.htm Photos of Rod as a public figure in and around Binghamton
pubsgtv.htm Golden Age of TV publicity shots from CBS
pubshots.htm Rod Serling publicity shots from CBS
pubstz.htm Twilight Zone publicity photos from CBS and TV Guide
RadioTZ.htm Twilight Zone radio dramas - released 2002 (publicity page)
RecParkDedication.htm Recreation Park opens pool with giant party (and a dedication to Rod Serling, June 2001

First example of Rod Serling's writing? Newspaper clipping: Junior Red Cross Makes World Better, Rodman Serling Says

refnrip.htm Rod Serling speaks on Writing
rejectionslip.jpg Twilight Zone rejection slip, circa 1965
rodspeaks.htm Rod Serling recordings - now simply contains a link to to the far superior site "Submitted for your Persual"
Rossi_0168.htm Dave Rossi column, January 1968 - "118-Pound Bulldog" Comes Home Heavier
RSResource.htm Review: Web Sites We Like -- THE ROD SERLING RESOURCE SITE
Rod Serling School of Fine Arts founded - March 1994
rssofaVideoPress.htm Rod Serling video festival press release - September 1999

Rod Serling:Failed Screenwriter ...and other myths -- article by Christopher Conlon

SanderReviews.htm Review of Rod Serling biography by Gordon F. Sander
schmeater.htm AD: Theater Schmeater stages Twilight Zone episodes
serlingsworld.htm In 1992, Serling's World was performed at Ithaca college in May and again in November at the Helen Foley Theater in Binghamton. This poage displays posters for this event.
skloves.htm Screenwriter Steve Kloves pays tribute to Rod in a 2000 interview.
smithsonian.htm Twilight Zone exhibit at the Smithsonian features William Shatner in "Terror at 20,000 feet"
smokeout.htm How Rod Serling became the poster child for NOT smoking... a collection of every photo with Rod smoking. (He died too young, how to show that?)
soldier.htm Twenty years after the fact (and to perhaps to defy turning 40), Rod takes a familiar plunge while "on maneuvers" for CBS-TV, in April 1964. Source: Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin.
stamp.htm Golden TV memories USPS stamp block Honors Twilight Zone and 19 other "Golden Age" shows. Also, the old RSMF petition for a Rod Serling Postage Stamp.

At Last: Rod Serling Stamps (37 cents)! Legal U.S. postage: PhotoStamps by www.stamps.com. Limited Edition of 200 / No more will be manufactured. We have 10 sheets of 20. Image size of each stamp: 1-1/4" x 1-3/4". The bad news: these stamps cost me over 70 cents each.

StampArticle.htm Serling Stamp still in Postal 'Twilight Zone' -- 1999 artile in The Globe Daily.
stamppitch.htm Sample letter Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committeem (part of the U.S. government) requesting a stamp in Rod Serling's honor.
strimm.htm Live to See the Day ...and Seize It! lessons Rod Serling taught me by Steve Trimm

article: N.Y. Town Re-creating Itself ... Binghamton: Blight turns old industrial properties into just the right places for visual artists to gather and ignite energy.

talbarella042601.htm Tony Albaraella's correspondence about Rod Serling with television writer/critic from the New York Daily News, David Bianculli
TalesToldTwice.htm Steve Schlich's encounter with Rod Serling: October 1969 in Boulder, Colorado.
TAloner.htm article about "The Loner" by Tony Albarella ... Cowboy with a Conscience originally appeared in: FILMFAX magazine, December 2000 - January 2001.
tdustfr.htm a 1998? Salon Magazine review of Rod Serling's A Town Has Turned to Dust
tdustpix.htm TV Guide story & photos about the 1997 A Town Has Turned to Dust
teach_tzproject.htm Learning Zone - teaching with Twilight Zone episodes
teachpix.htm Rod Serling the teacher -- photos of Rod meeting students around Broome County
teachrs.htm Teaching Rod Serling -- We intend this page to be a Teacher's Aide for anyone who wishes to use Rod Serling and his work to teach their students.  How can we help?  What do you need?
thankyou.htm Thank you page for new members who charged their donation to ClickBank.
theystartedontz/default.htm They Started on the Twilight Zone by Andrew Szym ...
This article first appeared in the August 2003 issue of tellyvision magazine, (published in Canada) and appears here by permission of the author.
threatened.mp3 Late-90s Michael Jackson samples Rod Serling in a song straight out of the Twilight Zone.
timeline.htm Rod Serling timeline -- one of many unfinished projects
tributes.htm Radio Hall of Fame tributes, by these personalities: Dick Berg, Producer; Horton Foote, Author; Buck Houghton, Producer, The Twilight Zone; Lamont Johnson, Director, The Twilight Zone; Ernest Kino, Author; Richard Matheson, Writer, The Twilight Zone; Burgess Meredith, Actor; Reginald Rose, Author; Fritz Weaver, Actor.
tvguide1963.htm The future of TV's most far-out show is not quite as uncertain as many of its plots ... this TV Guide story worried about early cancellation.
tvguide1991.htm Rod Serling article in 1991 TV Guide -- their 2000th issue celebration
TVGwpaper.htm Rod Serling poses with Twilight Zone props
TVRinfluences.htm Rod Serling influenced Roseanne, and David Chase
ty1.htm "Rod Serling Memorial Foundation welcomes you" ($15) -- this screen explains the credit card charge that joining incurs. How much, name of charging party, etc.
ty2.htm "Rod Serling Memorial Foundation welcomes you" ($25) -- this screen explains the credit card charge that joining incurs. How much, name of charging party, etc.
ty3.htm "Rod Serling Memorial Foundation welcomes you" ($50) -- this screen explains the credit card charge that joining incurs. How much, name of charging party, etc.
ty4.htm "Rod Serling Memorial Foundation welcomes you" ($100) -- this screen explains the credit card charge that joining incurs. How much, name of charging party, etc.
tzarules.htm Twilight Zone Archives web site reviewed
tzcompanion99.htm 1999 Press release: Marc Scott Zicree's Definitive Reference (Twiight Zone Companion) Re-released.
TZCON2006 folder Rob Weingartner's photos of the 2006 Twilight Zone convention.
tzfonts Folder Unzipped folder of TZ fonts.
tzfonts.zip zipped TZ fonts.
TZmagazine.htm Rod Serling's Twilight Zone Magazine - 1988 Article Celebrating Rod's Star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame
TZSArticles.htm Directory of articles from the defunct www.thetzsite.com. But the actual files are missing!
TZteachesEnglish.htm Twilight Zone teaches English as a second language, in Turin, Italy.
tztower.htm Andy Polak's photos of The Twilight ZoneTower of Terror at Disney Studios in Florida
usingemail.htm For new members: how to use your rodserling.com email address.
valdese.htm Valdese, NC's Twilight Zone moment: "Revolt of the Machines"
vannabonta.htm Praise for Rod from this cult SF writer.
videos_commercial.htm Serling's work available in commercial video: Patterns, Requiem for a Heavyweight, The Comedian, Seven Days in May, Planet of the Apes
vpk.htm This web page: a virtual press kit / site map.
walkingd.htm Unformatted version of Rod Serling's original screeenplay "Walking Distance"
WDmandell.htm Paul Mandell article about Walking Distance, June 1988
welcome notes Folder containing welcome letters that went out to new members. The letter evolves over time; saving copies is cheap and useful.
whathappensnext.htm What happens after you join RSMF -- video & membership card, email address, name on members page.
whurst.htm Lovingly handprinted letter from a hardcore fan and new member.
wsimmons folder Articles by Williams Simmons about Carol Serling, Chris Beaumont, Richard Matheson, Roger Anker, Tony Albarella ...linked on the newsprint.htm page.
yourname.htm YourName@RodSerling.com - how the free email address for members works
ytpromo.htm Link to " Submitted for Your Approval" (7 minutes) a truly clever short film introduced at the 2005 Tribeca Online Film Festival.
Zoneshow0802 folder Photos from the 2002 Stars of the Zone convention in L.A.

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