Imagine a new Twilight Zone episode, and write Rod Serling’s opening and closing narrations. Give it a title. Send us your entry!

The embedded video below is hosted on YouTube.

Foundation member and actor Stephen Dexter  eagerly volunteered to again perform the winning entries, as Rod Serling. But real work got in the way at both ends, and we were unable to match Stephen’s donated free time with WSKG’s donated TV studio time in Binghamton. So this year’s winners are presented in the format of Twilight Zone’s first season, which Rod narrated without appearing on camera. Enjoy this treat: Stephen doing Rod doing a German accent.

One of Stephen’s current projects, with producer Sarah Wharton, is the pilot of their original series The Last Stop, which they describe as “…inspired by the ground-breaking television work of Rod Serling, David Lynch, and Charlie Brooker. Wow! He’s also the voice of Rod Serling in the one-and-only Twilight Zone Escape Room, located in …Binghamton, of course. You can see and hear Stephen’s passion for Rod Serling in his performances. Thank you, sir!

The 2018 winners
1st place: Man Down by Rich Rees
2nd place: No Final Solution by Drew Annese and Am Masters
3rd place: The Other Side by Carol Bryant

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We received 48 entries this year, and again it was a delight to read so many fresh ideas, clever new twists on age-old ideas, and the humanity on display. Rod would be honored. What I said last year is worth repeating: The entries had impressive originality, cleverness, and an obvious reverence for Rod Serling’s writing. It was difficult to pare down our favorites. So many of them were episodes that we judges wanted to see.
So here they are: four dozen new stories for you to imagine and watch on that little black-and-white screen in your head.

Adopted Behavior
All Sales Final
And They Lived Happily Ever After
Board Games
A Cosmic Melody
A Different Kind of School
Dodging Destiny
The Festival of Saint Sebastian
Fury of the Bald
Honor Role
The Ice Tower
I Dreamed You Here
In a Heartbeat
The Interview
A Killers Eyes
Last Breath
The Last Flight of Hans Richter
The Last Supper of Rupert Goldfarb
Leash Law
Lesson from Beyond
Long Distance
The Lord’s Work
Lost Identity
Love Potion
A Lovely Mirror
Man Down
The Never-Made Things
No Final Solution
Off the Beaten Path
The Other Side
Past Time
The Plagiarist
Please be Kind Rewind
Plenty of Fish in the Sea
The Sea of Last Chances
Size Matters
The Small Screen
To Get Her Together
To Jilly With Love
Tribute to DAN
We Were Wrong About Death
What on Earth

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