The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation proudly presents the 2020 winner of our scholarship: Trevor Terry. He will seek a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Coastal Carolina University, majoring in acting
…and likely do some singing and dancing as well!

His activities at the Rod Serling School of Fine Arts included competitive dancing, stage plays and musical theater, Binghamton area community theater, chamber orchestra, mixed choir, and a steel drum percussion ensemble.

Trevor participated in an “Only We Know” Public Service Announcement about school gun violence.

From his application:

“Social media is a tool that has the power to bring everyone in the world together, and it should be used to show the world what it really looks like. By sharing information and stories about the horrors of this world, we as a global community could grow and connect in a way no previous generation has before. 

“My hope for the world is that someday everyone will see this power we have, and finally begin using it to fight for the change everyone deserves.”


Trevor played several roles in the reading of “The Happy Place” during the 2019 Serling Fest last October.