From: Vanna Bonta
Subject: Thank you and best wishes

Dear Rod Serling Memorial Foundation:

I’m writing to thank and commend the Rod Serling websites and Memorial Foundation. Mr. Serling is one of my all-time heroes. I admire him for the beauty of his language and the integrity with which he upheld responsibility as first and foremost a playwright toward the TV medium.

His work is among the rare which illuminated the human condition. TV has indeed become a vast wasteland by comparison.

I have written to the Postal Service to express the importance of issuing a Rod Serling commemorative stamp. He shines as a beacon, and please express my fervent personal thanks to Ms. Helen Foley and all involved in wanting to spread that light. Rod Serling truly fulfilled the purpose of language and speech in the richness of love and insight and craft which he left us and imparted to our heritage and culture.

When my fans ask me about my favorite show, I tell them it’s the Twilight Zone, and Rod Serling is the real thing.

With greatest respect and appreciation,

Vanna Bonta