Rod Serling is the most honored writer in Television history

Rod Serling’s Awards

Edgar Allan Poe Awards

  • 1970 Special Edgar for Best episode of a TV series: Night Gallery premiere

Emmy Awards – Primetime

  • 1956 for Best Original Teleplay Writing: “Patterns” (Kraft Television Theatre)
  • 1957 for Best Teleplay Writing – One Hour or More: “Requiem for a Heavyweight” (Playhouse 90)
  • 1958 for Best Teleplay Writing – One Hour or More: “The Comedian” (Playhouse 90)
  • 1960 for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama: The Twilight Zone
  • 1961 for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama: The Twilight Zone
  • 1964 for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama – Adaptation: “It’s Mental Work” (Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre)

Golden Globes

  • 1963 for Best TV Producer/Director: The Twilight Zone

Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • 1988 Star for Television: located at 6840 Hollywood Boulevard

Hugo Awards

  • 1960 for Best Dramatic Presentation: The Twilight Zone
  • 1961 for Best Dramatic Presentation: The Twilight Zone
  • 1962 for Best Dramatic Presentation: The Twilight Zone

Online Film & Television Association

  • 2004 OFTA TV Hall of Fame: Behind the Scenes

Peabody Awards

  • 1957 “Requiem for a Heavyweight”
    The first Peabody Award ever given for television writing!

Rod Serling Day: June 26, 1985

Sylvania Awards

  • 1955 for Best Teleplay: “Patterns”
  • 1956 for Best Teleplay: “Requiem for a Heavyweight”

Writers Guild of America

  • 1957 for Drama, 60 Minutes or Longer in Length: “Requiem for a Heavyweight”
  • 1976 for TV Writing Achievement: Laurel Award
  • 2001 for Children’s Script: “A Storm in Summer”

More Honors

  • 1956 & 1971 Christopher Award
  • 1960 Director’s Guild Award
  • 1960 Producer’s Guild Award
  • 1961 Unity Award for Outstanding Contributions to Better Race Relations
  • 1965-66 President, National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • 1971 Doctorate in Literature, Emerson College
  • 1972 Doctorate in Literature, Alfred University
  • 1972 Doctorate in Literature, Ithaca College
  • 1985 Television Hall of Fame
  • 2008 Inducted into The Science Fiction Hall of Fame 
  • Harcourt-Brace Award
  • Look Magazine Television Award
  • Television-Radio Writers Award
  • WGA ranks Twilight Zone 3rd in list of 101 Best-Written TV Series

Foundation Awards

for a Binghamton High School graduate


Throughout his writing and educational careers, Mr. Serling provoked thought wherever his influence reached. His penplanted seeds of imagination into the minds of old and young alike, even after his passing.

This award is given for achievement in the artistic aesthetic Mr. Serling endowed upon the world. Nominees are considered annually.

2017 Serling Award Winners

2016 Serling Award Winners



  • 1st place: “Man Down” by Rich Rees
  • 2nd place: “No Final Solution” by Drew Annese and Am Masters
  • 3rd place: “The Other Side” by Carol Bryant

Watch the Video | Read all the 2018 entries


  • 1st place: “Split the Difference” by Joseph Dougherty
  • 2nd place: “Mr. Calagan and the Road Home” by Gus Holwerda
  • 3rd place: “The Small Stuff” by Dale Elster

Watch the Video |Read all the 2017 entries

Awards Photo Gallery

Rod Serling talks about Hollywood Awards

“… awards in themselves really don’t reflect major accomplishment. It’s kind of a strange, backslapping ritual that we go through in this town where you get awards for almost everything. For surviving the day you’re going to get awards. So I can’t suggest that those things represent any pinnacle of achievement.

“I’d like to write something that my peers, my colleagues, my fellow writers would find a source of respect. I think I’d rather win, for example, a Writer’s Guild award than almost anything on earth. And the few nominations I’ve had with the Guild, and the few awards I’ve had, represented to me a far more legitimate concrete achievement than anything.

“Emmys, for example, most of that’s bullshit. Oscars are even worse. We have a strange, terrible affliction in this town. Everybody walks around bent-backed from slapping each other on the backs so much …”

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