(Tony Albarella) Karloff didn’t die until 1969, so it’s possible he appeared. He acted in TV and movies until his death, and in the early sixties hosted the TZ/Alfred Hitchcock Presents-like series THRILLER, which was frequently quite good. You’ll also remember him, quite memorably, as the voice of THE GRINCH WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS in the animated classic.

I saw the original “In the Presence of Mine Enemies” at the NY Museum of TV & Radio some years ago (it was fantastic), but don’t recall Karloff being in it. Still, that doesn’t mean much. His role could have been small or I simply might not have recognized him. His casting would make sense, however, given the ethic-looking actors that made up the rest of the cast. And I do know that he appeared in at least three other PLAYHOUSE 90’s during the run of the show. I’d have to see “In the Presence” again, keeping an eye out for him, to know for sure.

An internet search on this turned up an interesting page of a Karloff bio, which lists his appearance as coming from an “unconfirmed report” and adding that “The date does not bear this out.” Here’s the page if you want to check it out:
Google Books

(You’ll need a Google ID, but that is free.)

This is the only info of any substance that I can find. Someday I’ll have to return to the MT&R and have another look at this gem. I hope some of this helps.