Rod wrote a semi- autobiographical account of his rise as a screenwriter in the 40-page introduction to his 1957 paperback book “Patterns,” which also contains 4 of his live TV screenplays. You can get the paperback itself on eBay–well worth it–or read the introduction on this Patterns paperback page. It’s not a true autobiography since Rod was just 32 (and had Twilight Zone ahead of him) when he wrote those pages, but there is very little else. Look to the top right of this News & Print page–the section Rod Speaks Out for more of his words.

There have been two biographies written about Rod: “Rod Serling: Television’s Last Angry Man” by Gordon Sander and “Rod Serling: The Dreams and Nightmares of Life in the Twilight Zone” by Joel Engel. Unfortunately both books have some factual errors. A great bio is available on DVD and VHS by the American Masters titled “Rod Serling: Submitted for Your Approval.” There is also a lot of biographical information on the internet.

Good luck and enjoy!