Thanks for your praise of the web site. It’s a pleasure to help anyone gain a fuller appreciation of Rod Serling and his legacy. I urge you to consider joining the Foundation. As a reward, we offer a not-available-anywhere-else video about Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone.

Tony Albarella is editing a 10-book series of every script Rod wrote for The Twilight Zone. These books contain the scripts in their original formatting, and lots of extras such as ads from that era and Albarella’s insightful commentary about each script and episode. You can read about these books, and about the writer. Both web pages contain links to the publisher.

The Sixties saw a number of paperback books published with Twilight Zone scripts converted to short stories, usually by Rod Serling himself. While these books are all out of print, copies appear constantly on and can also be located through used book sites such as They are reasonably priced and good reading!