Of course! There is a long list of articles about him and by him on our website.

Most of his work was filmed for TV and the movies, and can be found by searching sites such as Amazon.com and Netflix—as well as your local library. eBay and Amazon.com (or any online bookstore) are also fantastic resources for videos and books, since there is nothing truly new. I personally found every paperback of his, numbering almost a dozen and mostly adaptions of Twilight Zone episodes, on eBay. Just search for “Rod Serling” and keep looking.

There is far more to Rod Serling than Twilight Zone, which accounted for 2 of his 6 Emmy awards. His legacy is mostly in video. But there is a wonderful series of books which contain all of his Twilight Zone screenplays and tons of other fascinating information about him, his times, and Twilight Zone. Go to Gauntlet Press and look for the 10-volume series “As Timeless As Infinity: The Complete Twilight Zone Scripts of Rod Serling” edited by Tony Albarella. I reviewed the first volume in 2004: https://rodserling.com/ATAI_review_2004.htm.