Back in Summer 2006, I was 14 and going to be an incoming high school freshmen. I lived in a deep corner of the woods with a bipolar overprotective mother as an only child, and also struggling to make ends meet. So I didn’t do the typical teenage things like go to the mall, talk on the phone with friends….
I had a TV with an analog antenna of the time in my room,my local ABC affiliate station would show two episodes at midnight. Since the episodes had no description the content matter was always a complete surprise to see how the storyline unfolded. I particularly remember being in awe in how “The Midnight Sun” ended! In this age where I can binge watch at my convenience, I consider it a privilege I got to see the episodes in such simple format.
Being this was a young and lonely with unfavorable circumstances in my life, Rod Serling was like the guidance person I didn’t have then or now. How someone who lived and died way before my time (b.1992) can impact you so deeply.
—Jenna Lee