by Dennis Maddox

I came across the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation web site today whlle reminiscing about Rod Serling and my memories of him while working at Ithaca College, around 1972 or so, when I was about 29 years old.

I was working in the Television Dept. there as a electronic/production technician. I remember what a down-to-earth person he was, and how he mingled with the staff and students. I will always remember a time when I was about to leave the parking lot on my motorcycle and he took the time to come over to me and kid me about “not ever riding one of those G.D. things!” But then he quickly said “what a good looking machine it was” with a big smile on his face! I am now 69 and these memories are still vivid with me. My only regret has been I never asked him for an autograph…

I am now looking forward to the benefits of having joined the Foundation today and learning more about him.

Thanks very much for all you and the Foundation does to keep Rod’s memory alive!