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How did Rod Serling’s work affect your life?


Rod the Gentleman

My Mother loved Rod Serling. My father was director of Public Relations for Emerson College when Mr. Serling received his honorary degree in 1971. There [...]

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Serling Fest Limericks

The Twilight Zone's 60th fest: is my stamina up to the test? Three days to explore all things Serling, and more. I'll play 'till [...]

Looking Off the Beaten Path

Rod Serling's stories were full of deep-thought subjects. They helped me look for explanations off the beaten path concerning the unexplained. Frank Mento

Masters of Our Own Destiny

Rod Serling helped me realize there is a lot of injustice in the world, and weirdly enough, at the same time people are basically good [...]

A Modern Day Aesop

Rod Serling helped bridge the gaps between age, gender, nationality, religion, and geographic location with his tales of caution and wisdom    Rod Serling was a [...]

  • Rod Serling

Meeting Rod Serling

by Bruce Kirschner It was the winter of 1974 and my junior year at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The student-run speaker's [...]

Ode to Rod Serling

by Rich DiSilvio Rod, a humble soul with a mind as deep as the universe Titillated, shocked, and inspired us all with his moving verse [...]

Ohio River Blues

by Steve Troyanovich Published in Goose River Anthology, 2013 (Goose River Press: Waldoboro, Maine) for Rod Serling the next exit takes you to a twilight [...]

Rod the Teacher

by Elliot Becker I was lucky enough to have met Rod Serling as my professor in Broadcast Writing as a TV/Radio Major at Ithaca College [...]

  • Recreation Park carousel, Binghamton

Road Trip to Binghamton

"All his life he remained upfront about the feeling of well-being that he associated with Binghamton. The city is warm and fuzzy right back at [...]

A Most Unusual Camera

by Charles Bey "All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished [...]

Ithaca Memories of Rod

by Dennis Maddox I came across the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation web site today whlle reminiscing about Rod Serling and my memories of him [...]

Poem: Rod Serling

by Barbara A. Murphy Of all that we look forward to When New Year's Eve arrives The marathon of Twilight Zone Is utmost in our [...]

Basic Training Bunkmates

I was privileged to go through basic training in 1943 with Rod at Camp McCall in North Carolina. (11th Airborne - 511 Parachute Infantry.) It [...]

  • Mr. Death and Lew Bookman head for Heaven

TZ, My Father, and Me

by Scott Sommer Murray Hamilton and Ed Wynn in "One for the Angels" It is hard for me to pinpoint exactly when [...]

Burgers with Rod Serling

In the 1960s, I was an entertainer working in the lounge of the old Daytona Inn in Dayton, Ohio. Mr. Serling had come into town [...]

Living in the Zone

by Barbara A. Murphy I love to watch the "Twilight Zone" These marathons are great! Been watching since I was a child, Would always stay [...]

  • Students in a classroom

Fifth-Graders Visit the Twilight Zone

by Doug Sutton On December 13, 2010, my wife Anne Serling brought another dimension to the Binghamton School District's "5th Dimension," an innovative program [...]

A Rave for Rod Serling

From: Vanna Bonta To: RSMF Subject: Thank you and best wishes Dear Rod Serling Memorial Foundation: I'm writing to thank and commend the Rod Serling [...]

Twilight Zone

by Barbara A. Murphy His stories never tire us We watch, then watch again. His futuristic thoughts amazed Tapped in the minds of men. Each [...]

BHS Awards Dinner 2010

RSMF President Andy Polak is a Recipient Andy blogs about the event: I had an enjoyable evening at tonight's award dinner at the High [...]

An Evening at the Paley Center

by Andrew M. Polak On Wednesday, October 28, 2009, the Paley Center in New York City presented a celebrity reading of The Twilight Zone [...]

Anne Serling Reads

by Doug Sutton Andy, Jeff, Larry, Anne & I were invited to attend the Paley Center's (original Museum of Broadcast) presentation of the reading of [...]

Talking Distance

I tell Binghamton High students about their own hometown by Tony Albarella On June 5, 2009, at the gracious invite of Larry Kassan, Director [...]

  • Anne Serling Sutton talks about her Dad

Will YOU be the Next Rod Serling?

My First Rod Serling Day Experience by Andy Polak I arrived at Binghamton High School and entered the building as the 5th grade students [...]

More About That Stamp

by Laurie Kelley In response to Stephen Schlich's editorial entitled "About That Stamp," I would like to add that I am of the same [...]

About That Stamp…

by Steve Schlich Getting the United States Postal Service to honor our hero with a postage stamp was one of the Rod Serling Memorial [...]

Election Day

by Tony Albarella As I watch the late coverage of this unprecedented election night, as the historical import of President-elect Obama's victory becomes tangible [...]

Happy Serling Day

May Rod bless and keep you always, may your plotlines all run true, may you always cue for others and let others cue for you. [...]

Teaching in the Twilight Zone

Showing movie clips or short television episodes to reinforce a concept is effective in helping students remember and understand what they are studying. by Chad [...]

  • Rod Serling

Tales Told Twice

I never saw even one episode of The Twilight Zone during its first three years in Prime Time. The show was on at ten o'clock, [...]

  • Rod Serling with cameras

Rod Serling, Master Pitchman

When a Golden-Age Writer Decided to Go Commercial After countless battles with advertisers, Rod Serling showed them How It Was Done. THE television writer and [...]

  • Rod Serling pitching Twilight Zone

OUTTAKES: That Serling Stamp

"If they can have a stamp for W.C. Fields, that drunken old sozzler, they can have one for Rod Serling." —Helen Foley From somewhere in the [...]

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