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How did Rod Serling’s work affect your life?
Which Twilight Zone episode was your first?
Which character is your favorite?

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How did Rod Serling’s work affect your life?


A Modern Day Aesop

Rod Serling helped bridge the gaps between  age gender nationality religion and geographic location with his tales of caution and wisdom    Rod Serling was [...]

  • Rod Serling

Meeting Rod Serling

by Bruce Kirschner It was the winter of 1974 and my junior year at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The student-run speaker’s [...]

Bonding with Dad, and Rod Serling

by Melanie Sloan Friday nights, Twilight Zone time with my Dad. I looked forward to our time together and each new episode of our favorite [...]

Ode to Rod Serling

by Rich DiSilvio Rod, a humble soul with a mind as deep as the universe Titillated, shocked, and inspired us all with his moving verse [...]

Ohio River Blues

by Steve Troyanovich Published in Goose River Anthology, 2013 (Goose River Press: Waldoboro, Maine) for Rod Serling the next exit takes you to a twilight [...]

Rod the Teacher

by Elliot Becker I was lucky enough to have met Rod Serling as my professor in Broadcast Writing as a TV/Radio Major at Ithaca College [...]

  • Recreation Park carousel, Binghamton

Road Trip to Binghamton

"All his life he remained upfront about the feeling of well-being that he associated with Binghamton. The city is warm and fuzzy right back at [...]

A Most Unusual Camera

by Charles Bey “All good books are alike in that they are truer than if they had really happened and after you are finished reading [...]

Ithaca Memories of Rod

by Dennis Maddox I came across the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation web site today whlle reminiscing about Rod Serling and my memories of him while [...]

“Rod Serling”

by Barbara A. Murphy Of all that we look forward to When New Year's Eve arrives The marathon of Twilight Zone Is utmost in our [...]

  • Mr. Death and Lew Bookman head for Heaven

TZ, My Father, and Me

by Scott Sommer Murray Hamilton and Ed Wynn in "One for the Angels" It is hard for me to pinpoint exactly when [...]

Burgers with Rod Serling

In the 1960s, I was an entertainer working in the lounge of the old Daytona Inn in Dayton, Ohio. Mr. Serling had come into town [...]

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