Parisi Serling BookRod Serling Memorial Foundation’s president Nick Parisi compiled a list all publicly available works of Rod Serling for his book on the prolific writer and producer.

We all know that The Twilight Zone has been released commercially in every possible format, from VHS Tape to Blu Ray disc. And most will likely know that all three seasons of Rod Serling’s second most famous series, Rod Serling’s Night Gallery, is also readily available on DVD. And we hope that most visitors to this site are aware that Rod’s “lost” Western series, THE LONER, was “found” at last, and released in its entirety on DVD. But what about a dozen other television series to which Rod contributed scripts? And while the most successful feature film that Rod ever wrote (well, co-wrote), PLANET OF THE APES, has never been difficult to find, what about his lesser known feature film work?

Courtesy of Nicholas Parisi’s ROD SERLING: HIS LIFE, WORK, AND IMAGINATION, following is a list of every Serling-scripted production that is known to exist and to be obtainable in one format or another. Some of these titles have been commercially released. Some can even be found on YouTube. And several are known to circulate amongst rare film collectors. While we cannot vouch for any of these websites, a few places that are worth browsing are:; and

Happy hunting!

For a complete list of Rod’s produced teleplays, screenplays, and radio scripts, please check out Nick’s book, available at Amazon.

Date of Initial
Broadcast / Release    
Title_____ Series Title_____
December 20, 1950 “Christmas for Sweeney” Stars Over Hollywood
January 10, 1952 “The Last Performance” Shadow of the Cloak
January 29, 1952 “No Gods to Serve” The Storm
August 3, 1952 “The Carlson Legend” Hallmark Hall of Fame
August 17, 1952 “I Lift My Lamp” Hallmark Hall of Fame
March 8, 1953 “Horace Mann’s Miracle” Hallmark Hall of Fame
June 21, 1953 “Man against Pain” Hallmark Hall of Fame
August 18, 1953 “Nightmare at Ground Zero” Suspense
November 11, 1953 “A Long Time till Dawn” Kraft Television Theatre
June 7, 1954 “The Strike” Studio One
September 2, 1954 “The Case of Operation Death” The Telltale Clue
November 18, 1954 “Summer Memory” Ford Television Theatre
December 7, 1954 “Knife in the Dark” Danger
January 12, 1955 “Patterns” Kraft Television Theatre
March 24, 1955 “Garrity’s Sons” Ford Television Theatre
April 1955 (unaired) “The Smallest Revolution” The Challenge (proposed)
April 12, 1955 “The Rack” United States Steel Hour
March 27, 1956 Patterns FEATURE FILM
April 9, 1956 “The Arena” Studio One
October 4, 1956 “Forbidden Area” Playhouse 90
October 11, 1956 “Requiem for a Heavyweight” Playhouse 90
November 2, 1956 The Rack FEATURE FILM
February 14, 1957 “The Comedian” Playhouse 90
March 20, 1958 Saddle the Wind FEATURE
May 22, 1958 “Bomber’s Moon” Playhouse 90
June 19, 1958 “A Town Has Turned to Dust” Playhouse 90
November 24, 1958 “The Time Element” Desilu Playhouse
January 22, 1959 “The Velvet Alley” Playhouse 90
May 18, 1960 “In the Presence of Mine Enemies” Playhouse 90
May 16, 1962 Incident in an Alley FEATURE FILM
October 16, 1962 Requiem for a Heavyweight FEATURE FILM
May 15, 1963 The Yellow Canary FEATURE FILM
October 4, 1963 “A Killing at Sundial” The Chrysler Theatre
December 18, 1963 Let Us Continue Documentary Film
December 20, 1963 “It’s Mental Work” The Chrysler Theatre
February 12, 1964 Seven Days in May FEATURE FILM
December 28, 1964 Carol for Another Christmas ABC Television Movie
January 22, 1965 “Exit from a Plane in Flight” The Chrysler Theatre
May 13, 1966 “The Hate Syndrome” Insight
June 15, 1966 Assault on a Queen FEATURE FILM
December 13, 1966 The Doomsday Flight Television Movie
September 22, 1969 “Pilot” The New People
July 19, 1972 The Man FEATURE FILM
March 19, 1976 The Time Travelers (story by) Television Movie