Proximity of the Serlings’ summer home on Cayuga Lake to Ithaca, New York, likely set the stage for Rod’s multiple collaborations with Ithaca College …as a donor, a lecturer, a teacher, and an honoree. Ithaca College houses five of his six Emmy awards, maintains an extensive archive of scripts and other records, and filmed the viral “Writing for Television” videos of conversations with students.

The “Serling Award” portion of the Ithaca College website devotes many pages to their many Rod Serling-related events:

  • The Serling Award and its recipients
  • Scriptwriting competition
  • Rod Serling Conference history
  • Event Livestream link if you want to attend remotely

Other web features include: Serling biography and web links, photo galleries, and documents.

Carol Serling with organizers and presenters of the first Rod Serling Conference, 2006.