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  • Rod Serling, 1975

Rod Serling’s Final Interview

March 4, 1975: Not knowing that he has less than four months to live, Rod weighs in eerily on awards, prejudice, censorship, compulsion, immortality, (not) [...]

Rod Serling Rips TV Censorship

May 1, 1964: Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin There has been progress made in the quality of television programming, but some of the industry’s worst problems—like [...]

  • Rod Serling, 1960

Why is TV the Whipping Boy?

Other mass media have the same faults but escape criticism By Rod Serling This article, tenth in TV Guide's "Television As I See It" series, [...]

  • Mike Wallace interviews Rod Serling

Roasting Rod Serling

Mike Wallace tunes up for 60 Minutes in this 1959 interview Some background from the webmaster: Censorship flourished in the Fifties as an outgrowth of [...]

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