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This schedule is a work in progress

Details will change, events will be added.
So check back for new stuff!

We’ll celebrate TZ@60: the Twilight Zone’s sixtieth birthday! Each day will have a different setting—making this year even more special. The schedule of programs isn’t completely set yet, but we do have lots of details for you…

Friday’s events will be in downtown Binghamton at Atomic Tom’s, in the middle of our Arts district during Binghamton’s monthly Art Walk. Noon — 9 p.m.

– Authors of Serling books will be there to sign copies of their books and chat with fans.
– We will have a dramatic reading of “The Happy Place,” often referred to as the first Twilight Zone.
– There will be Serling artwork on display and items for sale like t-shirts.

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That’s a good thing you did…

Saturday’s events will take place at the Broome County Forum Theater in downtown Binghamton, which houses our photographic display on Rod Serling as well as the artist’s copy of Rod’s Television Hall of Fame bronze bust. It’s a gorgeous theater that survived from the vaudeville years. 10 a.m. — 8:00 p.m.

– The morning’s program will show and present the 2019 winners of the Rod Serling Student Film Festival, sponsored by Binghamton’s WSKG public television station.

– Later in the day, Bill Mumy will appear live via satellite (he doesn’t like to fly) and will discuss his three TZ episodes that we will show on the big screen.

– Other programs not yet announced.

Helen Foley at the BHS plaque

Sunday’s events will being held at Rod’s alma mater, Binghamton High School, which houses the Rod Serling School of Fine Arts. The program will be at the Helen Foley Theater, named after his teacher/mentor who founded the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation. 10 a.m. — 6 p.m.

We will honor the 50th anniversary of the Night Gallery showing the premiere three-story episode, with discussion by author Scott Skelton.

More! There are more programs, such as discussion panels, to be added to the schedule! Keep checking back…

– Both of Rod’s daughters will make an appearance.

– The Bundy Museum will put on a Thursday evening program. They also house a collection of Serling memorabilia which is on display and free to the public.

– Binghamton will open the Carousel at Recreation Park, which is normally closed for the season at this time of the year. The park, near Rod’s childhood home, inspired the set of the episode “Walking Distance.”

– Binghamton also hosts the only CBS-sanctioned Twilight Zone Escape Room—open all weekend.