December 25th, 2023: Happy 99th birthday to Rod Serling.

Unlock this door with
the key of your imagination.

Somewhere between light and shadow,
Between science and superstition,

We invited you to submit a story of
things and ideas, that could become…

As Timeless As Infinity!

THE CONTEST: Imagine a new Twilight Zone episode. Write Rod Serling’s opening and closing narrations. Give it a title and send us your entry …and you did!

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Congratulations to the 2023 Winners

First Place: “The Lesson” by Susan Rosenzweig
Second Place (tie): “A Measure of Victory” by Matthew Hawes
Second Place (tie): “We Always Go To Coney Island” by Lea McCall
Third Place: “I am Not a Robot” by Jay P. Maille

I didn’t run the contest for 2022, partly because of busy-ness and partly because I feared that the contest itself was getting old. Who would enter again after five years? I’m delighted to tell you how wrong I was. We got a record seventy-two entries this year! And they included some of the best narrations that I’ve ever read.

You have available to you the fruit of much honest labor: 74 stories (72+2, see below) that will take you on some surprising flights of fancy. And a video of the contest winners, narrated by Stephen Dexter performing as Rod Serling. This is Stephen’s sixth turn for us, pausing his busy schedule of acting, voicing, writing, and producing, to make these prizes such a treat. You won, yeah that’s cool, but wait—hearing Rod Serling perform your entry? That is seriously special. We thank him for donating his abundant skill and limited time.

Stephen’s Broadway debut in The Shark is Broken (about the filming of Jaws) consumed a large portion of his year, but didn’t slow him from reaching a big milestone in his audiobook narration career. The man is versatile!

A tie in judging gave us four winners—again! I love that…it’s an opportunity to honor more work. THANK YOU to everyone who submitted an entry. 2020 first-place winner Matthew Hawes tied for second this year with “A Measure of Victory.” As I noted, we’ve got some really good stuff here, and not just the top four. Our Foundation Board member Gail Flug wrote two narrations—ineligible to win of course, but quite worthy and included here. Plus, we got a entry a remarkably short entry that contained no definitive plot, but is a fair surrogate for nearly every Twilight Zone episode ever broadcast. I’ll let you find those Easter Eggs on your own.

So here are all the entries, for you to enjoy in the theater of your mind…


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