by Laurie Kelley

In response to Stephen Schlich’s editorial entitled “About That Stamp,” I would like to add that I am of the same opinion. Rod Serling deserves his own stamp. While Steve’s opinions and comments are dignified and gracious, mine are not!

Acknowledging Mr. Serling with only a stamp in a series is insulting and serves only to devalue his place in history. While The Twilight Zone certainly deserves to take its place among the other great television shows of the era, the creator needs to be recognized on his own behalf. Rod Serling was more than just Mr. Twilight Zone, and The Twilight Zone was more than your average television show. His timeless creations have enlightened and entertained us for more than fifty years, and his grasp of human nature is profound. Mr. Serling’s thought provoking lessons on life will continue to challenge our minds, capture our hearts, and educate future generations for centuries to come.

The USPS has paid tribute to many well deserving 20th century icons with a commemorative stamp. Among those are Irving Berlin, Henry Mancini, Andy Warhol, Judy Garland, Elvis and Bugs Bunny. Is Rod Serling any less deserving? I don’t think so. Is he considered controversial? That could be said of so many talented people.

While the new stamp is a step in the right direction, it is clearly not a victory. Actually, it is an insult to the memory of an intelligent and talented individual who contributed a great deal to the 20th century, and helped to define its culture. Mr. Rod Serling deserves nothing less than his own postage stamp. Considering his contributions, I don’t think that’s a lot to ask for. Do you?