I was walking through the town of North Conway, New Hampshire, near the scenic railway station, when I noticed that the sidewalk has memorial tablets set in it: testimonials to deceased family and friends, with personal sentiments engraved on them.

All at once I looked down — and I saw the stone whose picture I’ve attached. For any Twilight Zone fan, it pretty well speaks for itself.

I haven’t the slightest idea who Bonnie Weinstein was. My friends and I concluded that this must have been her favorite TZ episode, and her survivors must have felt that this was a good way to honor her memory.

Yet another indication of the immense influence that Rod Serling had on our world. Although I never met Rod (it’s utterly impossible for me to think of him as “Mr. Serling”), his work has moved me so much, for so many years (I’m 61), that I feel entitled to say, Rest in peace, my friend.
–Tom DiMaggio